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Bildende Kunst

Visual Art in the ISB-OS is taught in English. The curriculum is designed to offer students a broad and varied experience of art and design. Schemes of work are designed to accommodate students of all abilities offering a diverse range of themes and approaches. The curriculum follows the Berlin Curriculum and following the ‘Didaktische Scheibe’ is ‘Child Centered’ based on the interests, abilities and strengths in each class group. Integral to the course are visits outside the classroom as well as cross curricular studies. The course also allows for the integration of ICT and the use of digital media (digital video and photography, animation) to enhance the students’ knowledge of the arts.

From the seventh grade onwards students begin a more complex study of art and design, building on the skills they have already acquired. Students learn about the work of artists throughout history and learn to communicate ideas and express preferences. They are taught to record from experience and imagination using the art elements. We want to equip our students to confidently deal with art and design tasks and help them develop invaluable practical skills from planning, problem solving, spatial relations and perseverance. Students are expected to be able to assess the outcomes of their work and re-evaluate it in the language of art.

In year seven students get acquainted with the various working methods and tools. This learning is expanded in the  eighth grade where students gain a sound understanding of, and competence in, various working methods. By the ninth and tenth grades students should confidently be able to analyse and record first hand observations and explore ideas for different audiences and purposes. They will experiment with materials and be able to select the appropriate tools for each task. Students will be able to discuss and analyse both their own work and the work of others and learn about conventions in art and how it affects their practice.