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In the ISB the Natural Sciences, Biology and Physics, are taught in English. Preparation for this begins in the ISB Primary school where Environmental Studies (Sachkunde) in Year 4 and Natural Science (Naturwissenschaft) in Years 5 & 6 are taught in English.

This excellent grounding ensures that the students are well prepared to further develop their competence in using the enquiry strategies necessary to become successful scientists. Within the science department we encourage the students to become independent scientific thinkers.

ISB students develop abilities which enable them to:-

  • better understand the technological world with informed interest.
  • recognise the usefulness of scientific methods as well as their limitations and to apply these to everyday life situations.
  • develop relevant attitudes such as a concern for objectivity, enquiry, integrity, inventiveness and initiative.
  • develop an understanding of the scientific skills necessary both for everyday life as well as for further academic studies at ‘Abitur’ or University Level
  • understand that science transcends national boundaries and that the language of science is universal.