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1. Fremdsprache

The English programme at ISB follows an international approach to language teaching. This is delivered by a team of highly qualified teaching professionals from English speaking countries around the world including England, Ireland, Canada and America. The students benefit not only from the teachers’ language expertise, but also from their wealth of cultural knowledge and the passion that they bring to their lessons.

Since nearly half of the subjects at ISB are taught in English, it is regarded as a ‘Partner’ language. This means that in addition fulfilling the requirements of the Berlin Curriculum for English as a Foreign Language, students at ISB are exposed to a variety of authentic English language literature, factual texts, drama, poetry, music, film and spoken texts. The program in reading, writing, listening and speaking is designed to educate students to a mother tongue level of proficiency in English, enabling them to successfully complete a bilingual Abitur. Our students receive top grades in the English MSA examinations. The English program at ISB also prepares students for IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations.

On leaving ISB our students are equipped with English language skills required for acceptance into English speaking Universities worldwide. In order to ensure that our students have the opportunity to practise their language skills out of the school setting, we also offer a varied progamme of educational school trips including trips to England.